Audible NHS Discounts on Books

Not everyone loves reading, but most people love some form of storytelling. It can be hard to focus when reading a book yourself and for some people it can become such a chore to pick up a book and read the whole thing!

NHS Discounts Audible Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Audible offer an NHS discount?

No, Audible does not have a specific NHS discount for their customers.  There are however different monthly packages for NHS staff to use in order to download the best audiobooks off the Amazon Audible website, which you can also use on your EE mobile phone..

Can I get a discount on Audible?

Yes, if you’re an Audible member then you are eligible for a 30% discount on audiobook purchases. So we definitely recommend becoming an Audible member if you aren’t already! It’s super quick and simple.

Is Audible free with Prime?

No, Audible and Prime are both from the Amazon brand, but they are different from one another. You can however get an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership. This will be an extra cost, but will allow you greater future discounts and access to more books.
Audible is an American run online audiobook business.

They are owned by Amazon, so you can open your account from your Amazon account if you already have one. Once you have an account you can stream your favourite podcasts and audiobooks for easy listening.

With Audible you can finally get through the books you always wanted to. All you need to do is download the app and create your very own account. From there all you have to do is listen and enjoy. You can enjoy these books in the house, while driving, at the gym or even right before bed. Whatever way suits you and your lifestyle best!

We want you to get this service as cheaply as possible though. So if you’re looking for a deal or discount to save money with Audible, we could help! Try checking the top of this page. There you’ll find our latest discounts for you and the family to enjoy. They are updated regularly so you’re always getting the most up to date offers available.

If you aren’t certain about an Audible Plus membership, then you can try it out for 30 days for free. Which is a great way to see if you like it enough to keep your Plus membership indefinitely.