NHS discounts for health care workers and voucher codes from shopping

There are numerous ways that NHS staff can save by obtaining a discount code while shopping online.

Thankfully there are a number of brands that have kindly offered NHS staff and healthcare workers in the UK money off their purchases. We are hoping to build on this nhs discount list in the coming months and help NHS staff to save money in any way they can.

How do health care staff workers get NHS discount savings on purchases?

Getting NHS discounts varies from retailer to retailer.

If NHS workers or emergency services staff are interested in claiming your NHS discount codes with one of the retailers on this site, each article contains all the information you need to know.

From all the offers currently available to information on how to claim the NHS discount, we’ve put everything you need to know in one place.

To get an NHS discount NHS staff will more often than not have to enter and NHS email address. That will then give you access to the best deals and a promo code to take advantage of the wide selection of offers.

We’ve also put together some of our top tips to help nhs employees save money.

There are plenty of sites to get help with your nhs discounts and where you can pick up voucher codes from a variety of different brands including Argos NHS discount deals, most notably www.nhsdiscountoffers.co.uk & www.healthservicediscounts.com.

We update the NHS discount part of our page regularly and add new NHS offers as soon as we are aware of them. Be sure to check back often to keep up to date with the latest offers and discounts.

You can find a list of NHS discounts on the official NHS England site here

What voucher codes can NHS get?

We’ve put together a list of all of the best offers and discounts available to NHS staff.

From Currys on days out for the whole family to the best deals on the latest fashion, we’ve got plenty of retailers to help you save money. Along with discounts and offers exclusive to the NHS, we’ve also put together a list of other discounts and offers to help you get the best deal.

Along with a list of the latest discounts, you’ll also be able to read our top money saving tips and tricks, for example we’ve a list of John Lewis NHS discounts, or perhaps if you are looking for a hotel to stay in read our Premier Inn NHS discount guide.

Also you can save money with a blue light card if your are an NHS staff member.

Can’t find a discount you like? The discounts listed here are updated as often as possible and new retailers are added regularly.

Have some faq questions?
Along with bringing you the very best discounts and nhs discount deals for NHS staff, we also aim to answer any questions you may have around saving money with your NHS discount.

You’ll find all the latest discounts along with tips to make the most out of the offers available.

Which retailers give health care staff discounts?

Wondering which retailers are currently offering exclusive discounts and offers for NHS staff? We’ve made things easier for you by putting all the money off codes currently available in one place.

By looking on this site, you’ll find a large number of retailers including Lovehoney as well as popular UK brands such as AO who offer a AO discount code to staff, along with the offers and discounts including an Nandos NHS discount that they are currently offering.

NHS offers for staff

Support from different retailers continues for NHS colleagues of all types including free rides, perhaps a new car mobile phones, reduced meal delivery, data packages and activities for the children and family.

NHS England has been involved in the review of the offers and you can find a list of discount code offers for NHS workers and NHS staff.

The list includes all the offer confirmed for NHS staff now across supermarket, food, transport and other products.

To sign up you will probably have to enter and nhs email address to get your nhs discount but you can start saving today.

How do I use a discount voucher code?

The codes are relatively easy to use. Make sure you know which discounts can be used in store or via the brand’s website or official app. For online codes, in most instances you simply copy and paste the designated code you are given and enter the code at checkout.

This should stop you from paying full price on a product. In order to claim discount voucher codes you may need to sign up using an NHS email address. Please be aware that you should never share any sensitive information with a third party website.

For discounts which are available in store, present your NHS ID when the bill is presented to you, or if you at the checkout in your local shop. Its always worth remembering that even if stores do not offer a discount, you may get lucky.

Most are franchises of the major shops so it is the manager’s discretion to offer a benefit to health care workers.

How often are the offers updated?

Just like online sales, shops and brands change their offers quite frequently, especially around certain events such as Fathers, Day Mothers Day, Christmas and Black Friday. Discount codes do have a limited lifespan so check the code has been entered successfully at checkout.

Make sure your money off code has actually been accepted before you enter your banking details. Some codes are all year round, 12 months a year. In some occasions it is a brand policy to offer a discount to NHS staff.

What are the exclusive NHS codes?

Some large brands such as mobile phone companies (such as the EE ) or car insurance companies offer nhs codes as part of company policy. You can even get a Nandos at their restaurants.

O2 for example runs its Employee discount program all year round where healthcare staff can get NHS staff benefits all year round.

We aim to update the NHS discounts on this site as often as we can.

From updating old discounts and offers to adding new retailers, we work hard to ensure we are bringing you the latest and greatest deals.

Some of our offers are only available for a limited time so if you see an offer you like, be sure to act fast.

It’s easy to find an NHS discount by using google search or by finding your discount through this site. Many retailers in the UK have nhs discounts for staff and sometimes the easiest way is to search using google. Currently there are over 100 retailers on our site. which offer discounts to NHS staff.

When you find the company you desire simply click the link to their corresponding health service discounts page.

What shops can NHS workers get discounts?

NHS workers can enjoy discounts at a wide range of stores in the UK.

Some companies provide NHS Discounts that can only be bought online while others are available in stores.

There are several hundred brands which offer an NHS discount code for staff.

The shops are available on the searchbar above. The most commonly available NHS discounts are as follows.

Does Netflix have NHS discount?

At the moment Netflix does not do NHS discounts for staff, although if this changes then we will let you know of course. Netflix does release deals on monthly subscription packages where you can watch your favourite movies or box sets at a discounted price.

Is Tesco giving NHS discount?

Tesco is not currently giving out NHS discounts to staff unfortunately.

This may change during certain times of the year. Its to use your Tesco clubcard in order to get points on your purchases. There is no NHS offer or NHS discount deal to be had at Tesco online or in a Tesco superstore in the UK.

Keep and eye on the nationwide offers.

Where do NHS get discount?

There are a number of places that NHS staff can get discounts, including Asda, Mcdonalds, AO amongst others. Explore the NHS discount sites in the UK as different sites offer different shop discounts to staff.

Do NHS Professionals get discounts?

Yes NHS professionals do get discounts. All you require is a valid form of ID, be that an identification pass or a valid NHS email address. This will give you access to the various offers.

Does Tesco offer NHS discount?

No. At the moment Tesco retailers, both online and in Tesco stores across the UK do not offer a discount to NHS staff at this time.

Does Greggs do NHS discount?

Unfortunately there are no discounts available at Greggs restaurants in the United Kingdom at the moment. Greggs are pretty cheap so you should be able to find a good deal on food available to the general public.

Does Sainsburys do NHS discount?

No Sainsburys does not do an NHS discount. They have done in previous years, however at the moment this offer has been paused indefinitely.

Which Retailers give NHS discounts?

At the moment there are too many to mention but you can find which shops offer a discount by examining the NHS discount list above.

Is there NHS discount Pizza?

Yes there is a discount available to NHS staff on pizza. Pizza Hut delivery currently offer 50% off their Pizza Hut delivery service if you sign up to the site using your NHS email address.

Does Apple do NHS discounts?

Apple does not do a specific NHS discount on their iphones and tablets but you may be able to sign up through their employee/work scheme which offers discounts on mobile phones and other Apple products.

Is there an NHS discount list?

Yes there is and NHS discount list which you can scroll through to find which shops do NHS discounts. This can be found on the NHS England website which is updated frequently with the best offers for Health Service staff.


NHS staff and emergency services staff have worked incredibly hard in recent years and its a very nice thought that brands and shops are offering NHS discounts. Some offers are all year round, while some discounts come and go.

The best way to get a discount is to keep your NHS ID card with you and when the bill comes simply ask if a discount is available for staff. Also make sure that you know if the money off discount is available to use online only or in store. Some brands only offer one or the other.