Clap For Our Carers, was the official Thursday at 8pm applause that ran across the UK for ten weeks during the first national lockdown in 2020.

The message of the campaign was to widen the movement’s name to Clap For Heroes to reflect the millions of heroes that keep the country going and have endured such challenging times. 

When the site was set up and the UK first started clapping for our incredible NHS staff, care workers and key workers last March, none of us had any expectation that we would be in an even worse situation nine months later.

In 2020 the weekly applause united communities and had us talking to our neighbours whilst we acknowledged the immense sacrifices our carers were making.

They were and still are heroes, but this time round we also want to recognise, remember and celebrate all of our heroes, including those most dear to us.

The first Clap For Our Carers applause on 26th March 2020 captured the spirit of the nation and was a huge success up and down the country.

The weekly 8pm applause then continued to grow in popularity and interaction over ten weeks, swiftly becoming an established part of UK lives through lockdown – uniting communities, public figures and news broadcasters in their support.


Last updated: July 2021