Schuh Shoes – What are imperfects and do I get them

Shoes are essential to many people’s everyday life, which is why you need a reliable place to buy your next pair. If you are after something a little quirky to put on your feet then you may be hoping to purchase your next pair somewhere like Schuh perhaps! Their Schuh imperfect range is designed as something different, and has money off so you can save when shopping for shoes.

Schuh Imperfects – How to get them

Schuh are a British footwear retailer based in Scotland. They are particularly prominent on the British high street, with over 132 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Meaning you’ll always be able to find one of their stores, no matter where you are in the UK. However, if you can’t make it into one of their stores then you can always shop their amazing range of shoes online!

They’re also a great retailer to shop with because of their vast selection of shoes. You could get over 80 different brands of shoes with Schuh, so there are always lots of options. Not only this but you could get amazing brands for the whole family! Schuh makes sure the whole family can be looking good as they offer pretty much any size you can think of.

It would be great if you could get the whole family looking good for less though, which is why we want to help save a little money on your next trip to Schuh. You’ll find our discounts at the top of this page. These are always being reviewed and updated also, so we can offer you the best discounts around.

Does Schuh offer an NHS discount?

Schuh offers it’s NHS staff customers an discount of 10% with a Blue Light card. So, if you’re eligible for a Blue Light card and don’t currently have one, then we’d recommend getting one so you can start saving. It’s easy to sign up on their site, all you need to do is meet their criteria and you’ll be able to get one!

Does Schuh offer a Blue Light discount?

Yes, you can get a 10% Blue Light discount with Schuh. You can redeem this either with your Blue Light card in store or online with a code from your Blue Light account. In order to get a Blue Light Card you must order one online. The cost of this is an annual payment of £4.99,

Can you get student discount on Schuh imperfects?

You can of course save money at Schuh by shopping in their sale section, which will be updated from season to season. You could also use your Blue Light discount if you’re an eligible candidate, as you’ll be able to save 10%.

An interesting way to save some money on the Schuh website is through their ‘imperfects’ page. Here you’ll be able to find discounted shoes with minor imperfections to them. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a few flaws, then this could be perfect for you!