Nandos NHS discount – ways to save on peri peri chicken

Do you want to know how to get 20% NHS Discount at Nandos?

NHS staff can now get a discount at Nandos restaurants and its a very easy process to get 20% off your meal at this famous spicy chicken restaurant.

Does Nandos do NHS discount for staff?

Yes! Nandos does offer NHS staff a discount on food. Health Care workers can get 20% off their food purchases at Nandos restaurants. The health service discounts amount you can get off is however capped at £4, so you won’t be able to get any more off than that. £4 is a decent amount thought, and it can go towards a glass of wine or taxi home.

NHS staff will need to sign up on the official Nandos website with an NHS email address.

Do Nandos give an NHS discount on delivery?

The 20% Nandos discount is only viable in the restaurant itself and cannot be used for deliveries or online collection orders. You can order Nandos via the Deliveroo app but you won’t be able take advantage of any NHS EE staff discount. The offer can only be used in Nandos restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Can I use my Blue Light Card on Nandos?

No. You cannot use your Blue Light card at Nandos unfortunately. The good news is though it’s a very simple to get your 20% discount at Nandos restaurants. All you need to do is to go to the official Nandos website and enter a valid NHS email address.

Once you have eaten your meal at Nandos you can then login to the app and confirm to the staff that you are a Health care worker.

Where can I find Nandos discount codes?

There are no other official discounts at Nandos so the best way is to go through the route of registering on the Nandos website. You can then get your NHS discount. You will have to re verify your NHS email address every six months at the Nandos website to confirm. You can also only use the discount once per day, but that’s ok.

Do you know anyone who has Nandos for breakfast and dinner?

We all enjoy a ‘cheeky’ Nandos’ so we decided to bring you our best Nandos discounts and offers.

Nandos has a wide variety of food choices and it it no surprise that their wide range of chicken dishes is popular throughout the UK.

Everyone enjoys a spicy chicken dish, regardless whose name is on it, but there are also other options to choose from.

You can also opt for chicken option or maybe vegetarian option.

Each individual person has his or her own spice tolerance. Whoever places the orders will have the choice of which dish is the most spicy for you!