Vue NHS Discount – Can Staff get money off cinema tickets?

With over 91 cinemas scattered throughout Ireland and the UK, Vue is one of the most popular entertainment centres across the nation. The cinema chain impresses with state-of-the-art halls and over 850 screens.

Film enthusiasts can either watch new releases or opt for classic film nights. But is Vue worth your money compared to the other cinema chains in the UK? Read our review to find it out.

Does Vue do NHS Discount?

What can be better than a Friday film night? A Friday film night at the Vue Cinema, of course. One of Vue’s greatest strengths is the state-of-the-art hearing system that enhances your film-watching experience. Indeed, the halls have an IR heating system throughout, and all screens are fitted with Dolby 6.1 Surround Sound.

The immersive film experience is also guaranteed by the latest technologies. You can choose to watch classic movies or opt for a 3D or even 4D experience.

Arranged in stadium-style, Vue Cinemas also impress the visitors with comfortable seating as well as wheelchair bays.

Not only can you enjoy a film here with your entire family, but the amenities are as good as the cinema itself. One of the most important things is parking, and at Vue, you’ll get plenty of it. Obviously, parking is free, so you can enjoy a game of bowling in the near-by facility before or after film time.

Vue Perks

After a pandemic took the world by surprise, going to the films isn’t as simple as before. However, Vue is one of those places where you can just sit back and unwind. Besides staggering film times and physically distanced seating, the venue comes with a myriad of perks.

Perhaps the most important one is the possibility to buy and validate your ticket directly from the Vue app. This reduces contact points, enhancing your safety.

Another thing we truly like about Vue is that all tickets are fully refundable. In other words, you can book with confidence, knowing that you can cancel the night at any time should you have to.

Accessible ticket prices are another point that makes Vue a winner over other cinema chains. Furthermore, you can get freebies, such as free popcorn or snacks, by simply using online coupons or codes when purchasing your tickets online.

Perks also include mini-mornings that come with reduced prices for both adults and kids, 2-for-1 deals on selected films, as well as exclusive discounts and other perks for the Nectar members.

Furthermore, we also like the gift cards available from Vue. With values between £10 and £200, they are a perfect gift for your family, colleagues, or any other cinema enthusiast, including yourself.

Our Verdict

Vue is undeniably one of the best cinema chains in the UK. Providing a 21st-century film-watching experience, it attracts with comfortable seating, big screens, immersive experiences, as well as perks and deals that aren’t available elsewhere.

The possibility to buy and validate tickets directly from the app, as well as enhanced safety and hygiene measures, win it a few extra points. No doubt, a cinema chain we recommend.