Travelodge NHS discount – Blue Light card details on hotel rooms

Travelodge hotels are very popular in the UK, with branches located in most major cities and towns – but do they offer NHS staff any sort of discount on hotel rooms or stays? Travelodge are are one of the UKs largest independent hotel brand with over 570 hotels nationwide.

We thought we’d do some digging into whether we can get any money off on stays at the hotel.

Does Travelodge do NHS discount?

No, unfortunately Travelodge aren’t currently offering a special discounts for NHS staff. However you could save money on Travelodge hotel rooms with them by using our discounts.

They regularly offer rooms for cut price savings you can take advantage of, including their famous rooms for only £32 offer (although these are sometimes difficult to find!)

Does Travelodge offer a Blue Light discount?

No, Travelodge aren’t currently accepting Travelodge NHS discounts with Blue Light cards. However we would definitely recommend you still getting a Blue Light card if you’re eligible though.

These cards can be used to get some amazing discounts on so many brands. All you need to do is pay a nominal free when you sign up to Blue Light Card.

All you’ll need to do is sign up as a new user! It’s as simple as that and you can make a variety of savings.

Travelodge Discount Code £15 Off

To the delight of many travelers, Travelodge occasionally offers a discount code that provides a direct £15 reduction on room bookings. This specific discount code allows guests to make notable savings, ensuring they get great value for their money.

Often highly sought-after, the “£15 off” code exemplifies Travelodge’s commitment to providing quality accommodation options at competitive prices. You an also check instructions on getting a Premier Inn NHS discount as well.

Travelodge Discount Code 10% Off

Another popular promotional offer from Travelodge is the “10% off” discount code. This code offers guests a straightforward 10% reduction on their booking costs, making it an attractive option for both short and extended stays.

Such promotions reiterate Travelodge’s dedication to customer satisfaction and affordability, making travel planning a more pleasant experience for many.

Travelodge Discount Code 2024

In 2024, Travelodge continues to entice travelers with a range of discount codes designed to offer significant savings on room rates. These codes, released as part of their marketing and promotional campaigns, can be applied during the booking process.

Regularly updated to cater to the evolving needs of travelers, these 2024 discount codes are a testament to Travelodge’s consistent focus on making quality accommodation more accessible to all.

Can you bring food into Travelodge?

Yes, you can either bring your own food with you to Travelodge or use any onsite eateries.

Most of the hotels have breakfast catered and usually also have a hotel bar which you can get a small amount of food from! But if you would rather bring your own food with you then that is perfectly fine also.

Do you need an ID to check into Travelodge?

Yes, you will definitely need some ID with you when checking into a travelodge hotel! This ID will need to be a photo ID, some examples of this would be a drivers licence, passport or national ID card.

You’ll also need to make sure to have the credit or debit card which you used to book your Travelodge room with you.

Are Travelodge 24 hour check in?

Yes, You can check in to your Travelodge room at any time, as the reception is manned 24 hours a day. There will however be a particular time for checkout, so you’ll want to keep this in mind!

With the promise of all these locations you’ll be able to have peace at mind knowing that a Travelodge will never be far away.

They also make sure to make it fairly cost effective to stay with them, so t=it won’t break the bank to stay with them.

However, we want to ensure that you spend as little as possible on your next stay with them. That’s why we’re offering you some of the best discounts on your next stay with Travelodge!

You can view our latest discounts at the top of this page. It’ll make your stay a lot cheaper, especially with our discounts constantly being updated.