Clarks NHS Discounts – Do NHS staff get money off shoes?

If you’ve ever had to purchase school or work shoes in the UK, then chances are you’ve gone into a Clarks store to have a browse. They are a British international shoe manufacturer and retailer, which was founded in 1825.

Does Clarks do NHS discount?

Yes. You can get 10% off Clarks NHS Discount when you sign up and become a member of NHS Discount Offers. Their discount code can be used on all non-sale items and you receive 10% off when you add your code to the checkout.

You can also get 15% off first orders at Clarks shoes just by signing up to their email here

Does Clarks do a Blue Light discount?

Yes, Clarks offer a 10% discount for Blue Light card holders. To access this discount you’ll need a valid Blue Light account. You’ll then need to search for Clarks while on your account to receive this great offer.

They have lots of their stores all around the UK, making it easier for you to get your next pair of shoes. They are known for their high level of comfort and their great quality, which is why they’re a staple on the British highstreet.

One of the great things that Clarks offer is their first pair of shoes for children. They give you a few things to remember the experience, as well as your child’s very first pair of shoes. It’s definitely a must if you’re considering buying your child’s first proper shoes!

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Is Clarks an Indian brand?

No, clarks is not an Indian brand, it is a British brand. However, they do source roughly 60% of their footwear from domestic vendors in India. They therefore rely heavily on India for the manufacturing of their footwear. That means that India is an integral part of the Clarks business and culture.

Are Clarks made in the UK?

No, Clarks shoes were produced and manufactured for the most part in the UK until 2006. From then onwards they have been manufacturing their shoes in the Far East. This has changed the culture around the Clarks brand name, as they used to stand for manufacturing of British shoes within the UK.